Let's travel?

Let's travel?
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domingo, 11 de dezembro de 2011

my only and last request

I have handed over myself to you like I haven’t done for millenniums. Maybe it was a mistake. The fact is that in the very start I didn’t notice how important you could, and would, become… and you became. Some details have gone wrong, and in an ordinary afternoon, I realized that it was too late, and I was already in love. Now I can see that all that thing was bullshit. Now I can see that all I want is my life back, such as it was before that fucking first date. I always hated liking people, and, sorry, but I think I don’t want you to be the only exception. I just feel like I may want to forget you. My typical cold and selfish behavior. Well, I will confess that I have even thought that you could be the one to change me. But I believe I was wrong. Maybe the person that’s gonna change me didn’t arrive yet, or won’t arrive at all. But, oh shit, I am changing for you, it scares me. I am starting to hate you and to hate the way you make me feel: your fool. My last request is… would you mind to give me back to myself?


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