Let's travel?

Let's travel?
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terça-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2012

Don't carry the world upon your shoulders...

it's been such a time since I haven't written anything in English... what a pity, 'cuz I don't even know if I still can do it! hahahaha. Well... life is surprising me more and more. Actually I am surprising myself every day, each moment. My fate prepared this part for me and it's not, or at least it wasn't being easy. Totally the opposite: it was being really, really tough. Lots of tears have come out. Crying became routine. I was desperate every time. Now I think that things will get a little bit easier for me. I don't know. New ways... new possibilities... let's see... So many dreams, so many plans, and I can see that it will be a looooooong way to reach them. I will have to work hard. I will have to stand! But now I decided that I will not carry the whole world upon my shoulders anymore. I was not able to support that weight on me. I think I will try to relax a bit more. I will let the life run... I will let the life ride me. I will let the life take me to wherever it wants to! :)

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