Let's travel?

Let's travel?
Entre sem bater.

terça-feira, 21 de setembro de 2010

Time is love

Let's see. I am not saying it was your fault. I am not blaming you. But I am so tired... I am tired of waiting for you. I am tired of being your toy, I am tired of you and of your confused stupid mind. It is getting quite late. Sorry, there is someone else here with me. Sorry, I cannot hear you, I am kind of busy. Sorry, sorry, now is too late. I gotta go my own way right now. Maybe it would be the best thing to do, maybe it will be better for me and for you. My sweetheart, I have been in your hands for a eternity. Come on, one time or another I would get tired. And this time has arrived. I won't tell you to try to make me feel better, to try to take me back, to try to make me change my ideas. Believe me, now is too late. It is true. Now you are my own toy-boy, now you lost my heart, now you have just my body and nothing else. I am really sorry for you. Poor you. You have lost yourself inside your own ridiculous tiny world. I hope you be ok, because now I am much more than ok: I am happy. However, you don't know the meaning of this word: you didn't allow yourself to be happy. Now? Now is... too late. Of course I will miss you. But even if it pains, it will pain only in the beginning. Time is love.

R.L.A., for my secret stupid minded boy-toy.

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