Let's travel?

Let's travel?
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segunda-feira, 4 de julho de 2011

Cry me a river.

Maybe, one day, you will regret of the choice you have made.
Maybe you won’t. Arrependimento.
Maybe you have already realized that I were the one.
Maybe you haven’t. Eu era aquela.
Maybe now you can see that we used to be happy.
Maybe you can’t. Éramos felizes.
Maybe now you are able to see that you used to like me more than you like her.
Maybe you are not. Você costumava me amar.
Maybe, one day, you will cry me a river.
Maybe you won’t. Chorar por mim.
Maybe, one day, I will have forgotten you.
Maybe I won’t. Ter te esquecido.
Maybe, one day, I will figure out that I have forgotten to love you.
Maybe I won’t. Esquecer de te amar.
Maybe today things are already not the same as they used to be.
Maybe they aren’t. As coisas não são mais as mesmas.
Maybe nowadays you don’t think of me anymore.
Maybe you still do. Ainda pensa em mim.
Maybe now I am just a stranger.
Maybe I am not. Sou apenas uma estranha.
Maybe now you don’t love me anymore.
Maybe you do. Você não me ama mais.
Maybe I won’t talk to you anymore.
Maybe I will. Falar com você de novo.
Maybe, one day, you will love me again.
But it will be too late. Me amar de novo.
And then, maybe you will cry me a river.
And I will laugh at you. Too late. Chorar por mim? Tarde demais.

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