Let's travel?

Let's travel?
Entre sem bater.

terça-feira, 30 de agosto de 2011


I wish you were here. Right by my side. Right holding me.
I wish you were here. Protecting me with your arms.
Saying “don’t worry” everytime I get angry.
I wish you were here. Kissing my mouth with your sweet lips.
Calming me down when I get afraid.
I wish you were here. To laugh at me when I start crying.
Gosh, boy. You have the sweetest smile I have ever seen.
And, boy, you are the owner of the prettiest pair of eyes I could ever imagine.
I had never thought of this.
I have never wondered such an incredible feeling.
But, now, here I am. Thinking of you the whole time.
And wishing you were here.
It is not my fault and there is nothing I can do.
I am already in love with you.

Why don’t you leave everything and come with me?
Why don’t you hold my hand and say that you love me?
Why don’t you give up all you have, just to hear I say that I’ll stay?


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